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Epheria frigate and cookies today, Mystic on the way!

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Epheria frigate and cookies today, Mystic on the way! Empty Epheria frigate and cookies today, Mystic on the way!

Post by TheHidden01 on Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:41 pm

Epheria frigate and cookies today, Mystic on the way! Bdo2-860x280

Black Desert’s Mystic class is finally porting westward in December – on the 13th, to be exact, although Kakao will let you “pre-customize” a new Mystic toon beginning with next week’s update.

“She is especially skilled in high kicks and uses a shoulder charge move to force her way through enemy ranks. Superfast punches will put anyone off-guard, while she is preparing to combo in something more powerful such as her surging punch moves. Her grace and beauty are matched only by her ferocity and strong defense, balancing out her lower level of attack power. She is designed to be efficient for both PvE and PvP play styles with a little bit more weight on the first. Players will be fascinated as they experience her exciting combat moves.”

Those who play with precustomization are getting gifts, too, including a temporary horse flute, a one-day Blessing of Kamasylve, a Gold Bar 100G – and apparently a so-cheap-as-to-be-nearly-free extra character slot for the cost of just one loyalty.

Today’s patch has more in store: a new buildable warship dubbed Epheria Frigate that’s reportedly “by far the most powerful ship and stronger than any other ships” in the whole game, though it’s gonna take you 25 days (and a whole bunch of dailies) to put the thing together. Better get to work! Not into ships? How about cookies?


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Epheria frigate and cookies today, Mystic on the way! Tumblr_m7nmo4Fz5H1qc2y94o1_500

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